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The application of Rockwell products in oil pipelines I. overview the oil pipe production line of Valin Hengyang Steel Pipe Plant is a new production line invested and constructed by Valin Hengyang Steel pipe plant to meet the market demand. The production line is mainly composed of thickening and grinding line, heat treatment line and water treatment line

products and technologies of Rockwell Automation A-B brand are widely used in this production, including 1397dc drive DC drive, 1336 plus II AC drive, ControlLogix System, processlogix system, ControlNet, DeviceNet and Ethernet. This project is a comprehensive and typical application of Rockwell Automation integration architecture strategy

II. Equipment

thickening and grinding consists of transport roller table, hydraulic station, thickener and grinding. There are 9 stations, 1 1397 DC drive DC drive and 3 1336 plus II AC converters using ControlLogix and flex i/o

heat treatment includes transportation roller table, hydraulic station, tempering furnace, quenching furnace, high-pressure water dephosphorization, water pump station, straightener, flaw detection, DCS system, 22 stations using ControlLogix and flex

i/o, DCS acquisition system, 2 sets of 1397 DC drive DC drives and 36 sets of 1336 plus II AC converters

controllogix system, with logix5550 processor, is a 32-bit bus controller. Its control capacity can reach 280000 digital quantities/4000 analog quantities. It can not only configure the input modules of the local framework, but also configure and control the input and output modules of other remote ControlNet, supporting hot plug

the FlexLogix system used for water treatment uses the same configuration programming software as the ControlLogix System and supports ControlNet, DeviceNet and Ethernet networks

processlogix system includes one engineer station and two operator workstations; PR microcomputer controlled hydraulic universal testing machine needs to check the measurement and control software. The ocesslogix system uses a one-day server and two operator workstations to maintain and monitor the system

III. software

the engineer station uses rslogix5000, rslinx, rsnetworx for ControlNet, rsnetworx for DeviceNet, and the operator workstation uses the upper Monitoring Software RSView32 and rslinx

processlogix system server installation settings: Windows NT4 for Engling SP6, rslinx, processlogix r320.0; Operator station installation settings: Windows NT4 for SP6, processlogix r320.0

IV. network

with the development of automation control equipment and industrial control network computer technology, more and more factory automation systems adopt the system structure of equipment bus, distributed control and centralized information management. This structure greatly reduces the project investment, effectively enhances the development and maintainability of the system, shortens the design and development cycle, and has been widely used. Rockwell Automation's controllogix

programmable controller, ControlNet, DeviceNet and other network technologies are products developed in line with this development direction

replacing the previous hard cable connection with communication network is often considered as a poor maintenance method in China. Once a fault occurs, the regular workers will not know how to start, and the electrical maintenance personnel are required to have not only the conventional electrical knowledge, but also the automation knowledge and network knowledge

but the advantages of the network are unparalleled. The larger the system, the more the advantages of the network are reflected:

1. the design is simple, reducing the design time and the possibility of design errors

2. reduce the number of control cables between on-site control cabinets to make construction simple

3. the calibration of control cables between cabinets is reduced, and the commissioning process is greatly shortened

4. very convenient for maintenance

because of this, three elements of investment are reduced: labor cost (reduced by 50%), material cost (reduced by 15%), and time cost (reduced by 50%). Thus, the cost is saved and high benefits are obtained:

design (reduced by 20%) - → hardware (reduced by 15%) - → software (reduced by 20%) - → acceptance (reduced by > 50%) - → maintenance (reduced by > 50%)

devicenet connects 1397 DC Jinan new era Shijin drive DC drive, 1336 plus II AC frequency converter and other field devices. Its transmission rate is 125-500kbps, the maximum transmission distance is 500m, and the number of nodes in each section is 64, allowing hot plugging. DeviceNet supports master-slave, multi master and peer-to-peer communication. User applications and PC data can realize effective control of devices through DeviceNet, and the network has 24VDC power supply, which can eliminate the independent power supply connecting each device. DeviceNet uses rsnetworx

for DeviceNet software for network management and configuration. DeviceNet Network has simple structure, strong real-time performance, simple communication and plug and play. It is an ideal device layer fieldbus network to realize low-cost and high-performance network interconnection

controlnet is connected to the main control equipment ControlLogix or processlogix. The flex extensometer is a sensor for measuring the deformation of the test piece. It is mainly used for the performance indicators corresponding to the small deformation of the test piece, such as the impact testing machine for measuring the specified non proportional extension strength and elastic modulus. If these items do not need to be measured, it is not necessary to install the extensometer i/o, engineer station and operator workstation. ControlNet is an open high-speed deterministic network. It is used to transmit information that has strict requirements on time. The communication speed is 5mbps and provides real-time peer-to-peer communication services. ControlNet integrates the performance of existing remote i/o and dh+, and has deterministic and repeatable functions for discrete and continuous process control applications. Users can set the network switching time to milliseconds, which greatly improves the real-time and rapidity of network control. The producer/customer mode is adopted to change the transmission network from multiple transmissions to multiple sharing at one time for different sites, reducing the number of network transmissions, So as to make our company Jinan new period gold testing instrument Co., Ltd. a national famous brand

i/o in the ControlNet network, whether the CPU framework or the remote expansion framework, is hung on the ControlNet through the communication module, and then its ownership is managed by the software, so that the network expansion and routing are very flexible

ethernet is used here to connect processlogix system server and operator station

ethernet, as an information layer network, can also realize interconnection with ControlNet. Users can maintain the system through the factory Ethernet network to truly realize system control and information integration

from the structure of Rockwell Automation Network, a typical control system consists of three layers: information layer, control layer and equipment

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