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The application of RFID in multi-purpose turnover boxes

rfid technology belongs to the logistics management business of sending materials in large quantities. In the field of automobile manufacturing, this technology also has great market potential in the management of multi-purpose turnover boxes

according to frost and Sullivan, by 2008, the sales revenue of RFID RFID technology will increase from 400million euros today to 2.5 billion euros. In Germany alone, the sales revenue of this technology will increase to 600million euros. This analysis shows that in addition to large and professional suppliers, such as metro, automobile industry enterprises and auto parts suppliers have also joined the ranks of RFID technology applications

In the experimental system of Z drop hammer impact testing machine

different from traditional bar code labels, RFID radio frequency labels can be read and written repeatedly, and the information stored can be compensated and modified. For example, it is used for multi-functional turnover boxes containing items. In the future, it is possible to use radio frequency identification technology to understand each turnover box in the entire pallet and the contents of the turnover box

extension of RFID distance

in fact, RFID technology is not a new technology in the automotive manufacturing field. About 15 years ago, this radio frequency identification technology was adopted in the automotive industry enterprises to realize automatic identification in the automatic production process. However, in the process of industrial production, low-frequency radio waves with a frequency band of 100khz~135khz are used, while in the commercial field, the radio wave frequency of 13,56khz with a higher frequency is used, and there is already a standard available for production: ISO 18000

using UHF radio waves, such as 868mhz and 2.45GHz UHF radio waves, can greatly improve the distance of RFID radio frequency identification. It is very suitable for the collection and reading of large-scale material transportation pallet information. Therefore, it has been widely used in the production of automobile frame painting

however, in fact, the standardization of RFID radio frequency identification technology is still in its infancy. Different RF operating frequencies, active and passive RFID technologies, and expensive RF chip prices all hinder the promotion and application of this technology

areas where RFID technology can be widely used

the next direction of RFID radio frequency promotion and development is very clear. In the application field of industrial production, RFID technology will have a high application potential. For example, RFID technology will have great potential in the management of multi-purpose turnover boxes. Because the materials contained in the multi-purpose turnover box are very complex, their purchase price is also quite high, and the consumption is serious

rfid radio frequency tag can solve the above problems, and it can easily determine who is responsible for the consumption of materials in the supply process. Similarly, it also allows people to easily determine the location of the multi-purpose turnover box in the OEM automobile factory and the length of time it will stay in the auto parts supplier, so as to determine the rent. It is certain that the materials in the multi-functional turnover box can be accurately identified by this kind of radio frequency technology

another field where RFID radio frequency tags are very applicable is the field of CKD bulk parts import and assembly: that is, the decomposition manufacturer will be able to fully and automatically dock the vehicle within 1 day, and then transport it to the destination for assembly. Because the RFID radio frequency tag can identify and classify the packaging boxes of each vehicle, it prevents the error during reassembly. At present, Volkswagen has tried the multi-functional turnover box with passive RF tag. The leaders of Volkswagen logistics management believe that using this RFID technology, their material identification accuracy has reached 100%. With this technology, Volkswagen not only improves the transparency of CKD material supply process, but also reduces the number of turnover boxes used

at the same time, in 2011, Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. launched the activity of service notes for testing machine debugging personnel. TMD IML Fraunhofer Institute of materials and logistics conducted experiments on RFID RFID technology in their "open ID" center, so as to optimize the movement process of the turnover box

ms. m xiaoika n 巑 eth, an RFID technology expert, was very satisfied with the results of the research. She believed that the use of active radio frequency technology in the transportation of pallets increased the recognition distance to 30m. This identification instrument can also be used reliably in the process of high-speed transportation

the active micro RF tag is very economical, but it is also prone to failure. For example, when the metal material or liquid material is located near the RF tag, it will shield the radio frequency waves and hinder the transmission of radio frequency waves. Therefore, in the automobile tire pressure monitoring system, in addition to the active RF generator, there should be an auxiliary chip to save data

waiting for the promulgation of the standard

at present, there is another assumption about the application of RFID radio frequency tags: the special data of cars and parts are directly stored on the parts through radio frequency technology, that is, the so-called "timely instructions" of OEM parts are realized. This also includes some production process data. For example, the tightening torque of safety bolts is saved on the product by using RFID technology, and can be modified at any time when necessary

among the above advantages, there is one thing in common: only when RFID technology is integrated with other information flows in the enterprise, or better integrated with the information flows of the enterprise, can it get better development based on relevant data. At this time, it is not enough to rely only on RFID tags and RF readers. RFID technology experts believe that at this time, RFID alone is not enough. Anyone who wants to use RFID radio frequency technology must establish a basic platform for this purpose, such as saving relevant data information in ERP system

rfid RFID experts also believe that the logistics supply chain controlled by RFID can simplify the logistics process of the automotive industry. It will keep the changeable information in the products for a long time and in the transportation turnover box, thus optimizing the material supply chain

rfid radio frequency identification technology needs to be based on Standardization in cross enterprise applications. If there is no premise of standardization, it can only realize Island applications among partners. However, people also see hope: the application of EPC (electronic product code) developed by Boston University in the world has very good prospects

tnt logistics service company has launched a new project: introducing RFID radio frequency identification technology into automobile parts supply enterprises. Terry mclntyre, technical service administrator of TNT company in North America, told us that "in the automotive industry, the application of RFID technology is different from that of commercial enterprises."

tnt's first step in the Ford project in the United States is to first equip the small parts warehouse with RFID technology system. Since then, each batch of up to thousands of materials can be timely classified and identified. Before all the materials on the shelves are taken out of the warehouse for automobile assembly, RFID tags have been playing a role in transmitting information. In this way, Ford's plan managers can reliably grasp the whereabouts and trends of auto parts. The second step of TNT is that the materials with RFID tags will appear in the inspection of material warehousing from next month. (end)

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