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Decoration must see: the classification and characteristics of stairs

Kanghui stairs

straight stairs: the geometric lines are obvious, giving people a strong feeling, and its floor area is very small, very simple and smooth

folding ladder: the improvement of the straight ladder increases the corner platform, slows down the trend of stairs up and down, and makes the indoor space hierarchy clearer. Suitable for living places with various terrains

revolving ladder: with strong dynamic artistic charm and full personality, it is a space saving shape, but it is not suitable for the elderly, and it is not very convenient to get up and down objects

curved ladder: it is suitable for large house types, beautiful and luxurious

u-shaped ladder: it has the characteristics of both straight ladder and folding ladder, and is suitable for a variety of living places. Its charm and beauty are reflected in the turning of the head

straight round ladder: it has the characteristics of both arc and folding ladder. It is suitable for a variety of living places, with great decoration effect, fashionable and modern

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