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Compared with the traditional crib, the current crib style and design are also very intimate. The price of cribs with different functions also varies greatly. When choosing a crib, we should pay attention to the size and safety of the crib, but also to practicality. New mothers and fathers of the post-80s generation, do you know how to buy a suitable crib for your baby? What are the installation methods and precautions of the crib? If you are buying a crib for the first time, it is necessary to know about the installation and purchase of the crib

crib size 1: safety

1. The crib guardrail should not be too high or too short, and the guardrail should not be higher than 35cm, otherwise it is inconvenient

2. Do not use wood in the bearing part, otherwise it is easy to break

3. First, smell the taste, and do not contain harmful ingredients. Follow the crib size selection guidelines

crib size 2: function

domestic crib size is about 120cm, European and American crib size is about 140cm, width is about 78cm, and can be used to about 6 years old. After choosing the size of the crib, consider the color and style design

is the crib useful - disadvantages

some people think it is unnecessary to buy it. Children are small, without their mother around, they will lack a sense of security, and often get up at night, which is inconvenient

is the crib useful - advantages

sleeping alone can exercise his independence; Breathe well for children to prevent them from falling

the average sleep time of infants is 18 hours (range 16 ~ 20 hours). In order to ensure the sleep quality, provide a comfortable sleep environment. Cultivate his good habit of independence

the size of the crib is in line with the age of 0-6, so as to avoid affecting the sleep quality of parents, and the crib can be prepared for the baby

installation method of crib

first open the front guardrail, pull the connecting sleeves of the frames on both sides to the horizontal position, pull the front upper frame outward, open the front upper frame, unscrew the knob and screw on the side frame, and put down the extended side frame to lengthen the bed

precautions for crib installation

1. When disassembling, operate according to the instructions

2. In order to avoid accidental injury, regular inspection and maintenance

3. Check whether the parts are intact and installed in place before use

4. In order to ensure cleanliness, it should be wiped frequently

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