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In traditional classical style rooms, you can often see beautifully carved and unique wood carving porch partitions, wood carving floor screens, and wood carving strip screens. As a kind of traditional classical furniture of the Chinese nation, wood carving screen carries thousands of years of historical and cultural connotation. After years of baptism, Chinese style decoration is still loved by everyone

the trend of retro makes Chinese classical style more and more popular with intellectuals, which can better show a person's taste, cultivation and style. As an essential prop of Chinese classical decoration, wood carved flower partition is not only used at home, but also widely used in office, giving people a solemn feeling. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the relevant knowledge of wood carving flower partition

[wood carving flower partition purpose]

1. It plays the role of separating the room. It can not only be placed at the entrance, but also at a proper position in the room, separating the room into two independent spaces, so that the residents do not interfere with each other and have a quiet atmosphere. At the same time, its placement can also play a role of shielding, and the partition can play a role of covering up the place where sundries are stacked in the home. If the partition is used for spacing, it is generally better to use closed partition, and the height should not be lower than the line of sight; If the partition is used in the corner of the book, the hollow screen can be selected, which can appear lively and lively

2. Play the role of dressing room. Some clothes and hats can be hung on the partition, and a screen can be placed at the door of the room, which can not only be used for hanging rainhats and clothes, but also block the line of sight of the outside world to avoid the embarrassment of a glance

3: beautify the room. In front of the partition side, a pot of green leaf ornamental plants can make people feel the tranquility and warmth of the room. The flower carving partition will give people a gentle and quiet feeling

[precautions for carved wood partition]

1. The measuring ruler should be measured after the floor tiles are paved. If it stands on the door stone, it can be measured after the door stone is finished. It is better to measure the glass after the four sides involved have been completed

2. The partition is not as big as you want. The design should consider whether the material can go upstairs

3. It is better to use one company with clear responsibilities. Try not to buy it yourself, otherwise it is easy to shirk responsibility for each other if something goes wrong. It's all done by one family. Finally, when you see something properly at home, you pay. The manufacturer shall be responsible for any problems in the process

4. Before punching, you must buy the hinge, handle and connector and give them to the manufacturer to take away

[is the price of wood carving flower partition expensive]

the noble and elegant wood carving screen can show the atmosphere and profound cultural connotation, and can also move freely and flexibly to separate the space, like a moving wall, which is both practical and full of strong artistic and decorative effects. In addition to families, antique screens are also widely used in high-end offices, leisure and entertainment centers, clubs, Chinese restaurants, restaurants and other consumer places. Is the wholesale price of wood carving, hollowed out carved partition and antique wood carving screen factory expensive? The factory customized prices of antique screens and wood carving handicrafts are different, which are mainly determined by the wood type, style, production technology and size of wood carving screens. A set of antique screens with simple shape and made of ordinary wood, the wholesale price of wood carving factory is only one or two thousand yuan. If it is produced with precious and superior wood, and a set of hollowed out carved screens with complex and delicate carving, the customized wholesale price of wood carving factories is often tens of thousands of yuan or even higher. The specific price should be quoted according to the actual requirements. You can consult a professional wood carving factory

conclusion: the above introduces the use and precautions of wood carved flower partition, hoping to help you. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the information platform. More wonderful content will be presented for you in the follow-up





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