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In order to make huge profits, some home decoration companies do not pay attention to integrity and deceive consumers from time to time. The consumer demand for home decoration is increasing day by day. In the face of such an attractive big cake, many decoration companies, large and small, are riveted to get a piece of it

◆ decoration lessons

not long ago, Mr. Zhang encountered a worry. Bought a new house to be decorated, and signed a decoration contract of 60000 yuan with a decoration company. However, after the decoration was completed, Mr. Zhang found that the decoration company did not use the doors and tiles of the brand specified in the contract, but secretly changed other cheap brands, and the wall skin in the corner also cracked. So he found the decoration company theory and asked for compensation. Although the two sides finally reached a compensation agreement, it is a very troublesome thing to replace the tiles and doors again. If they do not replace them, it is not in line with their own wishes. Between the two dilemmas, Mr. Zhang is too worried to sleep. Fortunately, I was careful and found that I had been transferred. If I didn't find it, the decoration company fooled me

the reporter learned from the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce that in terms of decoration, most of the reasons for consumer complaints are because the home decoration guerrillas do not decorate according to the construction requirements, and the decoration quality is poor. In addition, there is also the phenomenon of escaping with money

◆ reporter exploration

recently, the reporter visited several concentrated home decoration guerrilla locations. As soon as the reporter came forward to inquire, several people immediately gathered around and asked the reporter about the house area, decoration style and so on. Are you qualified? What qualifications do you need? As long as you can work, we have been working for seven or eight years, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. What about problems after decoration? You leave us a phone number, as long as there is a problem, on call, we can fix it for you in time

these road home improvement teams all take a warm attitude and ultra-low price as attractive conditions. Some people even talked about problems that the reporter didn't expect. Some home improvement companies also subcontract the work of home improvement to us. Therefore, there is no difference between looking for us and looking for them. We directly install it for you, which is cheaper than them. What are you doing with so much effort

◆ decoration reminder

you need to be careful when choosing a home decoration company. First of all, consumers should choose a formal decoration company with business license and qualification certificate. The company should have a certain scale, high popularity and strong design ability. Before signing the contract, you can visit the sample room designed by him to fully check the authenticity of the company. When paying for decoration, ask for consumption vouchers to improve self-protection awareness. Once abnormal conditions are found in the decoration process, complain or report to 12315 command center or consumers' Association in time. At the same time, don't trust the advertising of decoration companies, don't trust low-cost decoration, don't trust acquaintances to introduce some companies without certificates, licenses and construction qualifications, and don't look for road guerrillas




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